• Thinking through technology what is possible

    We are a technology company with a passion for customer service
  • Unity is strength when there is teamwork

    With Collaboration Wonderful things can be achieved
  • Security , Compliance and encryption

    Information security is the immune system in the body of business
  • The end of Fashion-IT

    Pay only for Value not for Technology
People tend to learn most effectively in ways that make a sustained, substantial,
and positive influence on the way they think, to change something, build a new model ..... 
We call it newlogic!

What we do for you
There has to be another way. or better way

Today, companies and their staff are grappling with a complex diversity of IT workplaces with an extremely wide variety of characteristics and equipment. PCs, laptops and printers, mobile phones and PDAs — all that frequently communicate with each other only imperfectly. Platforms that rarely enable real teamwork among staff in various places let alone with outside companies. Is that what you’d call state-of-the-art?

Our services


Effective Solutions
We provide effective and competitive information technology (IT) services in diverse market sectors for a wide range of projects.
Solution Delivery
There is only one chance for us to deliver the solution and we do it the Right Way.
Implementation Services
Save Time, Save Money and Simplify IT Deployment.
Support 365
Our team of experienced professionals work 365 days to resolve customer tickets.
Knowledge Search
We connect employees with the information they need to be proficient, productive and effective in their work time.
Protecting companies from threats and attacks proactively using our security portfolio.

Work with the right partner!

If you’re looking for proven excellence in IT and cloud solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an extensive portfolio of IT solution and services. Whether it is Collaboration, Security, Knowledge Management, Connectivity or exciting and innovative solutions  Together with newlogic professionals you can plan and implement even complex just-in-time IT solutions, services & processes, very easily.


"Some of our customers are very big and others are not, Some want us to provide a very innovative solution and others just want our specialist consultancy skills,  All benefit from our unique combination of creativity, experience, know-how, service and this is the success for our growth"